True Percula Clown M

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The False Percula Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris, is a staple in the marine fish industry. They are excellent fish for any level of aquarist as they are peaceful, take anemone hosts readily, eat a varied omnivorous diet, and can live singly or in groups very successfully. The "false" moniker comes from the fact that the orange body coloration is slightly muted from the true clown fish, though the banding pattern is almost identical. The False Percula Clown is though to be far hardier and long-lived than the true clown. At birth, the False Percula Clown is sexually ambiguous with no single identifying characteristic between males and females. If mated successfully, eggs are laid along the base of a host anemone and will be protected there by the clowns. This particular fish has gained worldwide fame as the real-life specimen of "Nemo" from the well known movie. Overall, you cannot go wrong with the False Percula Clownfish. It is one of our best selling fish for good reason. 

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